Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Family Lunches

After all the drama had passed and my car was again in tip-top condition I arrived in Pretoria. I was at this point all for rest. I had plans to take regular walks within an estate but I think, maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I am told that my friend’s mom has prepared Sunday lunch dinner for us in Brakpan. She is coming with it today for all of us to have some family time together. She will be coming with her other daughter who shares her space with her. Sunday meals are great but I’m a bit uncomfortable about the thought of an older girl going all out for us but I am determined to enjoy whatever that shows on the table.

Dinner is Served

Clearly I was more exhausted than I thought, judging by the quality of my photo above. I actually tried to take 3 photos and I only found this lousy one. See my friend’s daughter who is a young model and dancer not clear in the photo. She is such a cute teenager.

When I later had a chat with Mr V and my kids, Aka consistently asked "Mama please get me the "Bakugan game". I never got that name right, no matter how slow he uttered. I thought its some sort of a gun. I sure had to get that for him as his 7th birthday is fast approaching.


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