Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love of Pretoria South Africa

 Jackaranda trees lining the streets in October. Nothing beats them.
A blog for the love of Pretoria South Africa. And off course for the Earth Hour 2010 fast approaching. Please support the Earth Hour by switching off your lights for ONLY 1 hour at 8:30 pm. Go to bed if you have to, I know that feels like you are a coward or something. OK stay up and wait for 9:30.

 A beautiful city. Rich in history.
I hope the damage we are continuously doing to the environment will be reversible  at some point. Let's just pray that another scientist will come up with some smokey particles we can blow to sort our ozone layer and renew it. I know, my imagination is not quite as scientific. Anyhow, do your bit, take care of the environment. Limit your consumption of just about everything. You will see the difference it will make to your pocket too.

 Being Geographically challenged, I appreciate good road signs that SA offers.

Back to the love of Pretoria South Africa.Just one other bit of another interruption. My pretty hectic week ended with my son's birthday last Friday. So it being a long weekend helped. Then the new week which I expected to be uneventful led to me listening to Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" and being all emotional. I think I am getting too old and a bit hormonal. Maybe a little more than just a bit.

 Shopping prior and after recession. I love grocery shopping.


Hi there! I see you @ my followers. Great to meet you.

Great to meet you too cat. You have a great blog. I enjoyed it lots.

Hi. Thank you for finding my site. Great to meet you!! I will be reading along.

Thanks HT. I love your cute girls especially when they are watching dad mowing lawn through the window. Cute little things. Remind me of my sibling twins when they were small.

Now 23 and independent.


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