Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Education

The whole of last week was school for me. On the first day I had no idea we start at 7h30 in the morning. I don’t know who came with such a crazy idea in Pretoria’s crazy traffic. I tried leaving at 6h30, it didn’t work. I took more than an hour to travel Lynwood road.

I got clever on the third day and used the N4 and yes I took 45 minutes. And it was official, I was excited for travelling that short distance in more than 30 minutes. I am happy I don’t do that every day.

A fraction of the books I have to read this year. Aren't I lucky.

The course I am doing is just the best studying I ever done in my life. It’s better than Maths, or Interior decor. Ag it’s just plain good practical education. I managed to apply what I learnt in my professional life the very first day of our block week. I am so glad I started this.

Everything went well except for my disturbed diet, extremely dirty car and too much adrenaline rush. I will forever lift my glass “to good education”. One thing happened every day, without fail, for the whole week – my son asked me “did you buy my Bakugan game?” and every time I said, I will buy it baby. But I still had no idea what that looked like and I still couldn’t even get the name right.

Oh...I also ate too much sweets and junk food.


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