Thursday, March 4, 2010

40 Things to Do Before 40

40 Things to Do Before 40. I should have made this 100 things. Its an endless list. Please share your own list to achieve before a certain milestone.

Before I hit 40, I should:

1. Pay more attention to my Spirituality
2. Take my parents to a resort
3. Run something less than a marathon
4. Publish a book
5. Be serious about Pilates
6. Demand better service
7. Tweeze my eye brows weekly (I really try)
8. Go for a weekend in the wild with my girlfriends
9. Pay off ALL debt
10. Give a substantial amount of money to charity
11. Date my partner like a stranger for a weekend (sounds naughty)
12. Fix whatever is broken in my body (not at all cost)
13. Say NO
14. Ride a motorbike
15. Stay optimistic
16. Reduce the number of magazines I read
17. Stop arguing with politicians
18. Earn another Real Estate Qualification
19. Teach
20. Release a jazz album even if it doesn’t hit the shelves
21. Keep a promise to take my son to see the snow in Europe
22. Go to a day spa with my daughter
23. Adopt a baby boy
24. Buy more pieces of fine art
25. Make a new friend each year
26. Wear a REALLY good perfume
27. Take a sabbatical
28. Be a boss and give someone a salary
29. Drive a car of my dreams or test drive a car I can’t afford
30. Show gratitude
31. Go to a movie alone
32. Ride in a limo
33. Stop wearing baggy T-shirts especially with logos on them
34. Divorce my hairstylist or at least cheat
35. Learn to tango or belly dance
36. Build a bird/butterfly garden
37. Take a trip in a hot air balloon or sky dive
38. Speak Portuguese
39. Get an assistant (It helps)
40. Have my life start at forty (dying not an option)


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