Monday, March 29, 2010

Ben10 Themed Birthday

It was not possible for me to have my son's birthday party on the 20th, a day after he turned 7. I decided to have it last Saturday the 27th. He demanded a Ben10 themed birthday party.

 He was involved in the whole planning and he definitely knew what he wanted. From the invitation to the jumping castle. And the cake was among the most important parts of the Ben10 branding. It has to be big and daddy ordered a perfect cake. I am very impressed.

I wouldn't have done this without Poppy, my party organiser. I am never organising any function by myself again. Its been a less stressful occasion, even though at times I felt like the "mother of the bride".
Party packs were off course done an evening before. The party was held at home. In the clubhouse. That was so convenient. I could walk in between my house and the clubhouse in 1 minute.
The jumping castle was the most underutilised party accessory. Everyone was just like a fish, wanting to swim. It was used for less than 5 minutes whilst hired for the whole day.

Aka was very happy on his day. He mentioned another party soon. That scared me as I was so relieved at the end of the day.

His best friend, with whom he spends every afternoon gave him a huge gift. They are so inseperable and she did report to me that he was ignoring her in the party and I had to try help. But there were boys so he was not into girls. Great childhood friendships.

That pool was efficiently used for a change. These kids never get tired of swimming, diving, sliding into water. And I was sitting comfortably, clicking for his 7th birthday album.

Best friends from school. They do look like nerds, incl Aka. Now I know why he is always into computers and libraries. These two boys were so happy to see Aka, just like I feel when I see girlfriends.

My designer friend Ilse provided all the graphics we used. Even the paper plates were branded by us from Ilse's designs. She is just the best in children designing. And the invitations were the best. Thanks my friend.

  Back home, it was the opening of gifts. OMG the mess they left. The friend had to go home after 8pm. And some adults were continuing with the party outside my house. Whiskey was apparently in the menu. I was comfortable in the house enjoying the look with every present opened. But I did not object to them sitting in the patio.

This was Aka's happiest day yet.


Great pics Mbini. Bet he was the happiest little boy alive.

Kaz, it was like he has won lottery. Having everyone fuss over him. Thanks girl.

Looks like a great party.

Thanks Cat. They were over the moon. But they are too easy to please, them little people.

I can see you had one fun day! My kids love the water too! A boy his age should not be bothered with girls. There are still many years to come for all of that stuff!!

The challenge is that, he is the only boy in the complex with a handful of girls. And he is stuck with girls throughout. So when he sees boys, he gets to be inconsiderate to his girls.

Beautifully organised party!! My friend is organising a Ben10 party for her son in April! Might send her your way for some inspiration :)

Thanks Lettice for stopping by. It seems we are all doing a Ben10 party. Boys!!!

thanks for the birthday wishes and a lovely comment on my blog. nice to meet you:)

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