Friday, March 5, 2010

Fringes Coffee Shop in Pretoria

 Fringes Coffee Shop in Brumeria, Pretoria
I had a meeting with a friend and a friend who is about to be an associate of mine at Fringes Coffee Shop in Pretoria, Brummeria. Sounds like a Salon name, doesn't it?

NRF, Brummeria, Pretoria, South Africa
If I had coffee or something similar to that, I would fully review this restaurant but no, we all had water. Not because Fringes sounds like a hairstyle, but because we were in a hurry... it was 13h00, the friend had another meeting at 3pm, and the "soon to be associate" friend had a meeting at 2pm at NRF. Oh, sorry, that's the National Research Foundation (NRF). Hate acronyms.

Couldnt resist, I love direction boards. This is by Fringes.

I just love where the coffee shop is situated. Nice view as we were sitting, laughing and chatting on the deck under the red umbrellas. Sipping our water off course. Let me mention that, even though a friend and an "about to be associate" friend were meeting for the first time, they were in stitches, laughing out loud. Magic moment of having two strangers enjoying each other's company like that. Or am I that good.

Just so you see there is a salon next door, which might have been inspiration for the name 

If you are having a meeting with an academic from the NRF or CSIR, you may try Fringes or a salon next to it to spruce your hairstyle. By the way, the "soon to be associate" friend is doing her PhD. Something I hope I'll never copy from her.

Fringes Physical Address
Meiring Naudé Road
PRETORIA, South Africa


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