Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easy DIY Stuff

After my crazy long distance driving I needed to take time to myself. I realise I don’t know how to just relax anymore. I have to read, write or craft. I can’t sleep during the day as my mind is constantly busy. I wanted to forget about a desperately dirty 2 bedroom duplex I should refurbish for rentals, unfurnished. And a 4 bedroom duplex to furnish and decorate.

My basket as it was bought in the market

I went out to get me something I can paint on. A storage basket. Luckily Maputo, has crafts everywhere. I bought oil based paint suitable for wood from Atterbury builders warehouse. The problem is that, my basket was previously vanished in a clear colour. My dad would have removed that varnish first.
Very spacious. Great storage option
I did not buy a liquid paint remover and I had 2 hours to spare. I just started painting it in a redish colour. The colour is called “claret” and the paint is Plascon Super Universal Enamel.

After the first coat of paint
Well I still have to line the inside of the basket with capulanas and use ropes in the handles.
It did turn out Great, even though its not finished
I have since ordered 3 more of these baskets to paint in different colours to store a number of things I have around my home. I’ll even have one under the server in the entrance hall. These are really great for storage. You can stash them under your stairs, in kids bedrooms, in toy rooms, really everywhere. They look great but only after painting.
 That's my 1958 Chevrolet model car, not my son's toy by the way.


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