Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visiting or Living in Pretoria

Guess I have to introduce myself properly. My name is Mbini, a Pretorian who finally found made time to put a few words down.

Until three days ago, I was working fulltime and living in Pretoria. And now I am an expat in Maputo. I stay at home/ rephrase/ I work from home. I am a wife and a mommy to my son (a.k.a. the geek) and my daughter (a.k.a. the princess).

You may be asking: why Pretoria? I have a business about Pretoria. You may check me out at To be honest I am a bit scared of doing this. The self employment thing, that is. I have always been scared of taking risks that may disadvantage my family, but here I am. I am also quite excited. I havent spotted any opportunity in Mozambique yet. Well I have been here for 3 days, so its a wait and see kind of an approach for now.

I did take a walk to the beach today. Something I cant do in Pretoria. I also love the hotel we are staying in at the moment, Hotel Avenida. I hate the mosquitoes, nets and repelants but its my new way of life. Enough about Maputo, this is about Tshwane.


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