Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Public vs Private School in Pretoria South Africa

A hot debate in the website at the moment is on whether one should choose a public vs private school in Pretoria for their children's education. I am actually thinking of what is good for my son. I have gone through this debate over and over again within me. I thought engaging other parents will help me think clearer. It did and did not at the same time. I am as confused as I was before. The only comfort is in knowing that I am not the only parent in this dilemma.
It seems to me that, parents in South Africa are begining to prefer private school education for their kids but most can't really afford it. My estimation for 2011, for average private school fees is R5000 per month. Well, some private schools will be more expensive, and others may be less. There goes my dream of having two more kids.
Some people seem to have achieved great results with public schooling. This will depend on what you view as positive results. Others claim that they wouldn't have made it without a private school and that extra fee is a welcomed sacrifice. I have to start applying now for 2013 and I still don't really know
which of the two suits my son's needs.
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If you manage, learn or teach in or have a school in Pretoria list it for free here...


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