Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Delmas Farm Life

Hope I manage to load all my draft posts today. I had a week full of events but no time to post anything in this blog. Anyway, last Saturday we (me, friend, friend’s model daughter) decided to go to Delmas. This is after our trip to La Montagne, to a beautiful 3 level home. I will later add the photos of this sectional title home. Once again we were to meet friend’s mom and sister in Delmas this afternoon.

I wish I took photos of the pub where we had a wait. We had no idea it was a bar. It looked like a restaurant to us. We didn’t deliberately take a minor to the bar. Well she looked 18 in her high heels. It helps to be with classy teens.

It turns out Delmas is like living in a previous century. We had frowns and the tension in the house was so intense. We reckoned, they didn’t welcome being blessed by an African girl’s presence in their midst. It was so painful to see the owner struggling to give her glasses for us to use. The arrival of friend’s mom and sister was the end of the pub owner’s pain.

Off we went to see more interesting people and places. The first plot we visited was interesting. Wooden house and all. But the second one was really WOW. Tennis court, a pony and horse stables, lovely house in general. I haven’t received my photos from my friend yet. I just adore horses. The pony was very cute and in a rare black and white coat. I am one of those people who can live in a farm anytime.

After the farm visits and some slices of cake we drove to Boksburg to have dinner. And we still had to drive to Pretoria, which we did that same evening. I had a short nap in the car and so did my friend’s teen daughter. One thing was on my mind when we got home...SLEEP and lots of it.

A few minutes after getting to the bedroom, a scream followed by a heavy knock came. My friend rushed to the door to open. Being paranoid a bit, I thought she is not supposed to open in such a rush nogal. It turns out its a neighbour and her son. Hubby got somehow physically abusive to this boy who is a stepson of his, and when mommy tried to rescue her son, he started with her. I was very scared for this boy as apparently it is not the first time this happens. I just couldn’t sleep. It was police calls, comforting, cryings, throughout. After all that drama, I went to bed just after 2am.

What a day.


I don't like getting in the midst of other people's business but something I cannot stand is violence towards kids. That is really unfortunate.

It was so bad and unbelievable. And off course the lady of the house is still in her home. But I guess things are not as easy as we think. I am always quick to judge when people stay in unhealthy relationships.

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