Friday, March 5, 2010

Mpumalanga, South Africa

 Mpumalanga, South Africa
Mpumalanga is the most beautiful province in South Africa. OK, that's my humble opinion. I love the table mountain, V&A Waterfront and the Kango Caves of the Western Cape, the beaches and adorable small towns of the Eastern Cape, the hole in the Northern Cape, diversity and possibilities in Gauteng, etc. But Mpumalanga is just full of surprises.

That's not because of Kruger Park or any of the wild animals, nor because of Sir Richard Branson's home but because of its surprising beauty. This is the reason I choose to drive, time and time again instead of flying between Pretoria and Maputo.

Eating at Millys Restaurant on the way I think in Belfast

I love the curved roads, driving through the mountains, breathing clean air from the forests that line the N4, and the beautiful small towns all the way. I love it.

And guess whom I met in Belfast (Millys) balancing her cute body in the rubbish bin?
Kruger Park is off course the bonus. I will be visiting it soon for my newly found hobby, "Birding". If only my cameras were sophisticated enough to capture this tiny creatures. Or I have to upgrade my equipment, AGAIN. Some hobbies are just too expensive...

     Guess again, whose photo I begged for...   

What's your favourite province in SA?


The Eastern Cape - I really love it most. But Mmpu must be second on the list. Love Millys

I agree Cat, EC is beautiful But again I am biased.

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