Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Love Men Actually

I left Maputo for Pretoria last week Saturday. Naturally, I delayed until 11:10 am to take off. Mr V did that quick car service he always does before I leave home. Water...check; oil...check; tyres... with a worried look on his face... "I think this tyre is not bad but when you get to Pretoria, get it checked at a tyre place".

 Maputo, Mozambique

Arms folded from a distance, I give a smile and think, “you are an angel”. After assuring my son I will be back with the full page list of toys he demands, I took off to my first home, Pretoria. I hate driving but I’m looking forward to Mpumalanga’s fresh air and nice landscape.
 Apartments by the beach in Maputo

Crossing the border is definitely the worst part of my travelling. No queuing both sides, I am so tired and sleepy and I’m still in Mozambique. I call Mr V (I always call at the border) and he “orders” me to stop by KFC just after the border to rest. A call again immediately we dropped; “no, rather stop at Sasol garage, it will be easier to join the road later, KFC is on the wrong side”. Will men ever stop thinking for us. Not complaining though as my mind is so lazy.

Nelspruit Roads
 Everyone can change a tyre right? I try to smile at a few passing motorists; not working. I take out the spare wheel which leaves my hands totally filthy. That was the scariest part. Cautious of my white tracksuit, I decide to smile to motorists some more. Meanwhile, my tyre changing girlfriend and Mr V’s friend are on their way. Just as I thought I should just wait and keep busy with my calls, a car full of men pulls off. Its 5 men to be exact. I’ve never been so glad to see 5 men in my life.  I just thought to myself... I've changed my mind, I need men in my life. 
 Evidence that it was just red bull, nothing stronger or illegal

 I always appreciate men’s ability to mow lawns, take out the trash, open tight jars, but never thought I need them beyond that, (except for Mr V). You know what? Men are an essential accessory from now onwards. Everyone was saying I must be careful of strangers. Its true but I was stuck near the darkest forest I ever saw and the insurance people would probably take longer than my friend who was 6+6 minutes away from me. At that moment all I wanted was help in any shape or form.

Pretoria South Africa
 Those guys were so excited, like all men would be when they meet a girl with no clue how to survive in the men's world. They proudly kept saying "driving is not for women". Me, not bothered. I don’t want to start a debate that will delay their important work of changing a tyre. I just smiled and thought I really need men in my life. 5 of them, to change my tyre. And 6 minutes later I was home, safe. Men, ROCK.


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