Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food No More

In an attempt to be super nice, Mr V(hubby) takes me to the restaurant on Friday evening. Well I was in Maputo due to drive to Pretoria the following morning. I just hate driving long distances alone. I usually pack about 20 CDs with great intentions and almost, always listen to one CD all the way to Pretoria and everywhere else I drive to thereafter.

Below is the picture of Redezio Real Restaurant which hosted us for the evening.

Redezio Real Restaurant
It was as empty as it looks because we were a little too early for dinner. I have no idea where this 7h30 dinner idea comes from. I can do a lot of things after 7:00 but eating is not one of them.
I noticed that the restaurant is part of the Girassol Hotels
Drinks for Mr V and espresso for me. A Portuguese local newspaper looks like it have great news but NADA, I haven't gone that far with my lessons. I tried though. 
The decor colours are really great for your appetite

You really eat until you you want food no more in this restaurant. I am no fan of the bottomless kinda servings. It was so many kinds of meat, beans, salads and rice. Then the drinks and desserts. A small word of advice, leave home very hungry. 

Mr V thinks I failed the test of eating in Redezio. But I received no tips prior to my visit.


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